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Best Time to Travel to Dubai

A vacation trip to Dubai points towards sun, sand, beach and shopping. The best time to go to the scorching hot city is during its cooler months i.e. in between November and April, when the hot suns is at rest and cool with blowing winds during the evenings and night time. Even if you visit the city during the rest of the months you will find the air-conditioned hotels, malls and other complexes well-equipped to easily keep off the heat.

By and large the tourist season boosts up in between November and April when the temperatures are in between 24-35ºC keeping the evenings warm and nights chill. Months of November, December, January and February observe gentle wind where the mercury goes down almost up to 13 ºC. Likewise you can take pleasure in the rain if you tend to visit the city somewhere in between December and March. The temperature tends to rise up till 30 ºC by April that indicates the onset of approaching hot season-May.


A trip to the beautiful tourist place Dubai can be avoided for a holiday that involve lots of shopping, dinning and fun especially during the months of Ramadan, when the strict rules of Islam are applicable against smoking, drinking and eating and staying outside for long hours. As a consequence, the rates of almost all the hotels drop down up to 70% during this time where you are requested to follow the rules of the festival. If you want to eat during the day time then you are requested to eat somewhere indoors or else to close the windows of the restaurants and cafes while having food.

Though religious beliefs and sentiments are attached here, it equally spoils the total enjoyment involved, where you really find difficult to relax at length which is the sole purpose of your journey to the city. Similarly, avoid the period between June and September. Though the air-conditioned buildings keep off the heat, you would not be able to enjoy much of the outdoor activities except for the nightlife. Desert Safaris, Camping and Camel riding would be a bit difficult to get pleasure from, where sun bathing or playing at the beach can be revered in between April and October where the temperatures rise up to 40 ºC.


Still you can make your holiday remarkable where you can catch Dubai Camel Racing. It is held every Thursday and Friday somewhere in between October to April at the Nad Al Sheba racetrack while Rugby Sevens is hosted in December. The best period to shop in Dubai is around January to March where the famous Dubai Shopping Festival runs for around 4 weeks.

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