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Your Gratuity (End of Service Benefits – you must know)-UAE

Ministry of Labour Call Centre 800 665 PAYMENT OF GRATUITY What is the employee entitled to on the termination of his employment contract? On the termination of the employment contract, an employee is entitled to the following: 1. A notice period, or any amount due in lieu of the notice period in the case of an unlimited contract. 2. In the case of an unlimited contract, compensation for unreasonable dismissal if the contract was terminated by the employer for unreasonable cause. 3. In the case of a limited contract, compensation equivalent to…

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UAE labour law Termination ,Compensation, Benefit, Notice period, Article 120, Pay, Dismiss, Termination of Contract limited and Unlimited

UAE labour law Termination ,Compensation, Benefit, Notice period, Article 120, pay, Dismiss, Termination of Contract limited and Unlimited United Arab Emirates. What united Arab Emirates Labour law article mentioned about Termination of contract and reasons? Article 113 UAE labour law Termination of Employment   An employment contract shall terminate in any of the following cases: 1. By mutual agreement of the Parties, provided that the worker’s consent is given in writing; 2. Upon expiry of its term, unless it has been expressly or implicitly extended according to the provisions of…

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Maternity Leave – UAE Labour Law

Question: What maternity leave is a female employee entitled to? Answer: A working woman is entitled to 45 days maternity leave with full pay which includes the period before and after the delivery, provided she has served continuously for not less than one year. The maternity leave is granted with half pay if the woman has not completed one year of service. At the end of the maternity leave, a working woman has the right to extend her maternity leave for a maximum period of l0 days without pay. This unpaid leave can…

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Types of Bans in United Arab Emirates

Visa Ban in UAE A ban on visa means, that the person who is served the particular ban is not entitled to live and work in the UAE for a particular time or permanently. This may happen in a way of: Immigration Ban Labour Ban Immigration Ban or Residence Ban If you have immigration ban in UAE, you are not supposed to enter UAE or obtain residency in UAE. You may be served with immigration ban if you have committed criminal offences. In case you have Bounced cheques, bad debt cases…

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UAE laws you must know to stay out of trouble

Ignorance is no excuse in court as many an unsuspecting expat has found out after falling afoul of one of these laws. By  Majorie van Leijen The UAE Ministry of Interior’s ‘999’ magazine recently published research that stated 72 per cent of expats in the UAE lack knowledge of local customs and traditions. In addition, only one-third of the 2,000 respondents surveyed said they to set aside any time to find out more about local culture. This kind of complacency, according to the article, results in “Many expats enduring court…

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Children Sponsored by Mother in UAE UAE Laws Visa 

Children Sponsored by Mother in UAE

If you want to sponsored your child in UAE, here’s how. What are the requirements to sponsor a child by the mother? How a Single Mother can sponsor her child? A mother can sponsor her children on Residence Visa if she meets the following conditions: • Mother shall have a valid Employment visa.  Marriage Certificate attested by UAE Embassy in home country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inside the UAE.  Birth Certificate of child attested by UAE Embassy n home country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inside the UAE. For attestation requirements, Call: +97150-538 3545. No…

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Investor / Partner Visa Requirements-Dubai Advice and help UAE Laws Visa 

Investor / Partner Visa Requirements-Dubai

Now Investor visa procedure is easier than before. If you have all required documents ready, all steps can be completed from authorized Typing Centre. No need to visit Immigration office. You can receive e-Visa through your e-mail. To prepare your Investor Visa application; call Naif (Deira): 04-259 6260, 050-538 3545 Qusais (Damascus St): 04-258 6727, 054-300 5931 Bur Dubai: 04-358 6215 Hor Al Anz: (Deira): 04-265 8373, 050-715 0562 Qusais (Damascus St): 04-258 6727, 054-300 5931 Qusais (Al Nahda-2): 04-239 1302 For Collection & Delivery Service; call 055-811 7883, 055-273…

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Philippine consulate to move to new location in Dubai

The Philippine Consulate is looking for a bigger office to make itself into a one-stop centre that can accommodate the growing needs of Filipinos in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, said consul-general Paul Raymund Cortes. Cortes cited that the consulate has processed around 72,000 requests for passport applications and renewals last year as compared to around 50,000 passport applications in 2013. There are at least 450,000 Filipinos living in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, according to the consulate. “If we take into the equation all other consular services, the foot…

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7 reasons why your UAE visa application may be rejected UAE Laws Visa 

7 reasons why your UAE visa application may be rejected

Millions come to UAE from around the world every year. Be it as a tourist or to settle in the country as an expat, the number of visa applications received by UAE authorities every year is phenomenal. Applying for a visit or work visa is a hassle-free process that requires you to fill an application form and provide the necessary documents – scanned copies of your passport, invitation letter from a host in UAE, return tickets (for tourist visa), among others. Please check with your travel agency or company PRO…

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All you need to know about new visa rules in UAE Job News UAE Laws Visa 

All you need to know about new visa rules in UAE

© Provided by Khaleej Times All you need to know about new visa rules in UAE The Cabinet, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, adopted a number of visa facilitations for visitors, residents, families and people overstaying their visa to cater for a wider segment of the society. The Cabinet approved a new legislative package, including a review of the current residency system to allow a two-year extension of the residency period for the…

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Type of contract: Limited and unlimited UAE labour contracts – Explain

There are some major differences between the two types of labour contract. Do you know the difference? Note this article is not to be used as legal fact as the law can change. In the UAE, there are two types of labour contract: Limited and Unlimited. It’s important to know which contract you have as the legal rights and entitlements between the two are different. As of July 2014, contracts are electronic. Regardless, you must still be aware of what information is contained within. Limited, or “Fixed-Term”, contract – A Limited…

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new visa system in uae UAE Laws Visa 

UAE to roll out new visa system soon

Private companies in the UAE will soon be able to opt for a Dh60 insurance scheme to recruit workers instead of depositing Dh3,000 per worker as bank guarantee as is the practice now. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation will start implementing the low-cost insurance scheme from mid-October, it was announced on Wednesday. The ministry said it would also begin disbursing the bank guarantees that is worth Dh14 billion when companies opt for the insurance scheme. The reimbursement will not apply to companies that have committed salary-related violations six…

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UAE jobseeker visa violators to face strict action Advice and help UAE Laws Visa 

UAE jobseeker visa violators to face strict action

Illegal residents availing of the six-month temporary visa under the amnesty scheme, but fail to switch to employment visa or leave the country after the expiry of the visa will face prosecution, authorities have warned. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) has explained that residency law violators who have rectified their status and granted the six-month temporary visa must use that time to find jobs and transfer to residence visas under the sponsorship of their employment firms. And if they fail to get jobs within the six-month period,…

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New UAE traffic law: All traffic violations, fines and black points

Guides Report Here is a complete list of every single possible fine you could get while driving in the UAE. Texting and driving is just one of the common offences reported by Dubai Police. If you’re a motorist in the UAE, it’s important to know the penalties which are applied for all traffic violations. Updated traffic fines as of July 1, 2017 VIOLATION FINE BLACK POINTS VEHICLE CONFISCATED / DAYS 1 Driving under the influence of alcohol Maximum fine of Dh20,000 or Jail 23 60 2 Driving under the influence…

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FAQs on Employment Contract (Labour Agreement)

1.1) Individual employment contract: 1. Is the worker entitled to obtain an employment contract? Yes … the worker is entitled to obtain the employment contract concluded between the two parties and issued and attested by the ministry of labor signed by the two parties as the employment contract shall be in writing and each of the worker and employer shall have a copy respectively.. And the approved language in the state is the Arabic language. In case the worker does not receive the employment contract, he shall resort to the…

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