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Dubai Family – Dependent Visa

A family visa is necessary if you are entering UAE with family members. This visa permits sponsoring of parents, spouse, and children (below 18 years of age). However, family visas are permissible only if you earn more than Dh.4000 a month.

Parents can be sponsored on a renewable visa, provided, the sponsor deposits an amount of Dh.5000 for each parent, and obtains a health insurance policy from a private company. The deposit is refundable, when the parent leaves the country for good or dies.

dependent family visa

Entry Visa Requirements

Expatriates, holding valid resident visas, drawing minimum salary of Dh.6000 (with accommodation) or Dh.7000 (without accommodation) are eligible for one year renewable resident visas for their parent or parents-in-law.

As per the latest regulations, you have to sponsor both mother and father together, and offer proof that you are their sole provider. However, if parents are separated, or a parent is deceased, you should provide documentary proof when visiting DNRD to obtain the entry permit visa, before applying for a residence visa. You will have to obtain a medical insurance policy for each parent with minimum coverage of Dh.600 a year.

Documents required for family visa

  • Typed application form.
  • Original passport of sponsor
  • Passport copy of parent/s and photo
  • Proof of relationship from embassy/consulate attesting both relationships, and that you are the sole provider
  • Copy of job contract, or salary certificate from employer
  • New requirement mandates submission of DEWA bill and your tenancy contract, indicating sufficient space at home (minimum double bedroom apartment) to accommodate your parents.

Family Visa Application Process

  • Submit the documents, along with a letter from your end, appealing for entry visa of your parent/s, at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, Dubai. Also enclose all required documents along with contact numbers
  • Your application will be either confirmed/rejected by the Approval Committee within two weeks
  • If approved, visit a registered typing centre and complete the form and pay the required fee. Go to residency section of DNRD to hand over the documents
  • The entry permit will be sent through Empost within 48 hours, or if you have applied for urgent visa, you can receive it from the counter in a few minutes

Family Visa Fee

Refundable deposit of Dh.5000 (the receipt should be saved for renewal or re-imbursement), and this can be only paid back when the visa is cancelled.

Dh.110 application fee + typing centre fee (Dh.100 more for urgent application).

Residence Visa (for family members)

Documents required for residence visa

The entry visa will have to be converted into residence visa for parents. When parents enter the country with entry visa, it will have to be converted into residency visa within 60 days from date of entry.

  • Application form and 3 photos of parent
  • Original passport of parent/s and sponsor
  • Original entry permit
  • Health card or medical insurance policy for parent/s
  • Refundable deposit receipt
  • Original job contract/salary certificate of sponsor


  • Get a health check up done, and obtain a medical card
  • Submit the documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai
  • Get the typists to complete the form, after paying the fee
  • Hand over the documents at the residency section
  • The passport/s with residency visa stamp will be sent through Empost to you


Dh.110 (Residency fee + typing centre fee)
Dh.100 for urgent applications (optional) 
Dh.10 Empost fee

Note: A woman is not allowed to sponsor her spouse and children for residence visa, although she earns the stipulated salary, provided, she is a doctor, teacher or nurse by profession.

Renewal of Residence Visa (for family members)

Residency visas usually have a validity of two years. A 30 day grace period is granted when residence visa expires. But, the renewal process can be done in advance. The documents to be produced are the same, along with new health check carried out.

All you need to do for renewal is, to visit the typing centre at the Immigrant Department with your passport, your parents passports, deposit receipt, and fee. Get the form filled in, hand in all the documents at the residency department and wait for a week or two.

However, if leaving the UAE for more than six months, the Dubai residence visa becomes invalid, and the entire process will have to be re-started again.

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