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Dubai Nightclubs

Dubai has an excellent nightlife scene with a large choice of bars and nightclubs to be enjoyed. Most of the licensed bars are in hotels but there are some exceptions.
Dubai also has some interesting laws when it comes to nightclubs. They all must close at 3.00am, 21 is the official minimum age allowed to purchase alcohol though some clubs can also refuse entry to anyone under 25.
At some of the most prestigious clubs in the city, doormen tend to be a little strict, but as long as you have at least one girl in your party, you should be fine.


This live music venue is located at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa. It is a salsa bar with an in-house Latino group. It is a…

Embassy Dubai
Located at the top of Tower Two Grosvenor House Dubai, the sassy and glamorous Embassy is placed spaciously over three entire floors with…

Vip Room
Vip Room is an opulent nightclub brand to hit Dubai’s luxury lifestyle scene. Stretching over two levels, the luxurious styling of the…

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4 Thoughts to “Dubai Nightclubs”

  1. Mani

    Love in Dubai Night Clubs. This was the first club in Dubai I started clubbing in. Way back in 2003. Was totally in awe of this over the top club. Fast forward 12 years it still is an outstanding space to be in.

    Except the drinks now are too pricey, but obviously keeping inflation in mind, everything has gone up. Moreover, you get more than what you pay for. Aks nights has taken the level of the club to a different high altogether. A thrilling addition to Boudoir’s array of club nights, aks is all set to welcoming the city’s elites and socialites in its bright-looking future.

  2. Pojii

    Ladies, your day is finished. It’s time to go out!

    Ladies Night will ensure you escape from reality by relaxing, unwinding and dancing the night away…
    Delicious complimentary drinks; bubbles, cocktails and spirits… Everything will be made for you. You deserve it!
    Your only one problem tonight is which Ladies Night in Dubai you will choose!

  3. Presyos

    Old school hip-hop and RnB. This was the place to be during the mid 2000s. Much bigger and better clubs have opened up since then, but this place still retains its crowd.

  4. Maribeth

    Love clubbing in Dubai bar, it was with all my friends which we never forget.

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