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How to get residence visa for your parents in UAE

How to get residence visa for your parents in UAE

A sizeable chunk of the working population in the UAE lives away from their family. Most of them come to the country leaving behind their parents, and some even have to leave their wives and children behind.
While sponsoring the immediate family to the UAE is a relatively inexpensive affair, many residents think twice when it comes to bringing their parents or in-laws into the country on a permanent basis.
The biggest concern is, of course, the salary requirement.
UAE expats, holding valid resident visas, should have a minimum salary of Dh19,000 with accommodation, or Dh20,000 without accommodation, in order to sponsor their parents or in-laws.
However, if the salary is lower than this, residents can always approach the humanitarian desk at DNRD, which will look into all aspects of the individual case.
According to regulations, both parents have to be sponsored together, and the expat has to show proof that they are the sole provider of the parents and there is no one to look after them in the home country.
It is also important to obtain a medical insurance policy for each parent, with minimum coverage of Dh600.
Expats are also required to submit DEWA bill and tenancy contract to show they have adequate space in the house. The accommodation should be at least a two-bedroom apartment.

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