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PH Embassy urges Filipinos to renew passport early

DUBAI – An official from the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi urged Filipinos currently residing in the emirates to renew their passports as early as six months prior to its expiration, noting that not all applicants with pressing issue will be addressed immediately.

“Tayo po sana ay mag-renew ng passport ng mas maaga. Hindi po kapag kayo ay mag-renew ng visa or kapag paso na ang passport,” Vice Consul Rowena Daquipil wrote on her Facebook post on Monday, October 11.

She also wrote that there are more than 200,000 Filipinos living in the capital.

She explained in Tagalog language the process of application of passport renewal and the online appointment, among others.

Speaking to this reporter, Daquipil said that there is a misconception that everyone would be served immediately, which she said is untrue.

“Ikaw, kung may emergency ka pwede ka naming ma-entertain. Kung paso yung passport mo, kung namatayan or may medical emergency, pwede. Pero hindi yun ora-orada,” she said.

Citing her post, she wrote: “May nakarating sa aming reklamo na pumunta daw ang isang kabayan sa embassy ng 5 a.m. para daw siya ay ma-accommodate. Pinagbigyan po siya at pinabalik po ng 2:30 p.m. upang unahin ang mga may appointment, at siya pa po ang inis dahil ang paalam lang daw niya sa boss nya ay babalik sa opisina ng 12 noon. Pagkatapos mag-renew ay pinagbigyan din siyang mag-extend at nagalit sa dagdag na bayarin para sa expedite fee.”

Daquipil said that there is a system to follow in the office and everyone should follow it.

“You don’t need to come here 5 [o’clock] in the morning. There is an online appointment, at kung gusto nila makipag-usap sa mga consul at sa ambassador, maki-usap sila ng alas-otso ng umaga.

“Usually pinagbibigyan naman namin kung talagang kailangan,” she said.

If one is to renew a passport, it will take one to three months to process because it will be printed in the Philippines.

In a day, the embassy accommodates at least 10 applicants with ‘pressing’ reason, and around 200 passport applicants renew their passport everyday.

The embassy prioritizes first the scheduled applicants on each day.

“I just wanted people to understand that there is system in the place. I hope that we can work together so that everyone will be given the services,” she said.

Daquipil explained that she does not encourage everyone to walk-in as “they have to do an online appointment because we review the situation.”

Furthermore, she also stated that they have recently put a laptop in the office to be used by the applicants if they need to print additional documents.

“May internet connection. This is a good thing for them to lessen the hassle,” Daquipil said.

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