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Philippine Passport Renewal Requirements in Dubai

If you are a Kabayan you want to renew your Philippine Passport in Dubai, or you want to upgrade your passport, so our article help you to renew you Philippines passport. If your passport is going to expire , then you have to renew it as soon as possible, so that you do not face any other problem to travel other country etc. It is very hard to travel back to Philippine, so if you will wait 6 months before passport expire. Its better to process and renew it as soon as possible to avoid any other problems.

The PCG (Philippine Consulate General) Embassy in Dubai is the office where you process your Philippine Passport. They have a listed procedure to order your renewal Passport application.

Steps to Apply For Philippine Passport/Renewal in Dubai:

Some important steps given below to renew your Philippine Passport, while you are in Dubai.

1). First you have to book your appointment online. All kind of information available in website by choosing dates- http//

2). On your appointment date you have to appear, and go to the Philippine Consulate Embassy Located in Al Qusais. You have to Fill your E-passport Application Form.

3). Proceed to Passport Processing Area.

4). You have to paid AED240 fee to Cashier Counter.

5). Proceed to Passport Encoding Area where they ask some questions about your name, Birthday, and other information that they require to type in your New Passport, and they take a Photo to Paste on your Passport.

6). In last releasing section on date your Passport will release.

Appointment Requirements:

You have to bring some important things that need during appointment.

1). Old Passport.

2). Photocopy of the Data Page and Visa Page ( UAE Visa Page).

3). You have to paid Fee of the E-Passport AED240.

During the date of the appointment, you already have the schedule of appointment, approximately it will take about 2 hours for to complete your process. The staff will process your Biometrics, taking of photo and entering your data in your new Passport.

Procedure to Check Status of Philippine Passport Application

If you already applied for Philippine passport renewal, then you have to wait for 6 to 8 week for renewal procedure. After 6 to 8 week your new Passport to be issued to you.

If you want to check that your Passport has been released, than you can visit the site and you have to click the dates on calendar. There you can view the name in list whose passport is ready to pick.

This website page update regularly as once Government office received a new update batch of passport from DGA-Manila.


Important Note:

1). Applicant do not make call again and again to Consulate General if their Passport is available for pick up. If your Passport is available it will display on this page.

2). Applicant can authorize someone to pick up his passport on his reference. But he following requirements have to fulfill for authorization, Authorization Letter, Old Passport, Original Receipt, Claim Stub, and Valid Identification Card of Authorized Representative.

3). This page regularly update if a delivery of passport is made from DFA-Manila.

4). You can check earlier release dates for your passport. your passport may be included in the earlier releases.

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