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Types of Bans in United Arab Emirates

Visa Ban in UAE

A ban on visa means, that the person who is served the particular ban is not entitled to live and work in the UAE for a particular time or permanently. This may happen in a way of:

  • Immigration Ban
  • Labour Ban

Immigration Ban or Residence Ban

If you have immigration ban in UAE, you are not supposed to enter UAE or obtain residency in UAE. You may be served with immigration ban if you have committed criminal offences. In case you have Bounced cheques, bad debt cases against you, you will have immigration ban till the time you are cleared or you have served your sentence. You may also be served immigration ban if you have been found drunk driving, theft and other crimes. If you have entered UAE with illegal means, then too you will be facing immigration ban. In case if you have absconded from your work and have not reported to work for a prolonged time, your employer may list you under absconding list,  and you will have immigration ban.


Labour Ban

There are 2 types of labour bans:

  1. 6 Month Labour Ban
  2. One year Labour Ban

6 Month Ban

A 6 month labour ban is an automatic ban which is imposed when you leave your current job without any proper reason. Every employee under Ministry of Labour is automatically banned for 6 month; unless they are exempt from ban due to their new employer status (Freezone, Government), qualification above High School Diploma and salary of AED 5000 for High School, AED 7000 for Diploma holders and AED 12000 for Bachelor’s degree holders.

If you have 6 month labour ban, there is no restriction for you to enter UAE on visit or tourist visa.

One year Ban

A one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract. You will not be able to visit UAE in case you have been slapped with One Year Labour ban.

One year ban is also imposed if:

  • Expatriate worker leaves Government job.
  • If you break terms and conditions of your labour contract.
  • If you lose a case in the court against your employer.

Lifting Labour Ban

To read more, please visit the article on how to lift 6 month labour ban.

Under which situations there is no Labour Ban?

If you fall under below categories, you may not have a labour ban:

  • UAE Nationals will not have labour ban or immigration ban.
  • If you are joining an oil company.
  • If you are joining Government or Semi-government organisation.
  • If you are changing jobs within the same Free zone.
  • If you have completed your contract term under limited contract.
  • If you have completed 3 years of service under unlimited contract.

Permanent residence ban

A permanent residency ban is applied for serious labour offences committed, like illegal or absconding workers and convicted felons. The Federal Department of Immigration maintains a file of fingerprint samples and retina scans of banned individuals so that they are not able to return to UAE in the future.



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