Duterte to Obama: I never insulted you

Jakarta: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told Barack Obama he never called him a “son of a [expletive]”, he said on Friday, but he maintained a defiant stance on his war on drugs, saying U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon was a fool for bringing up human rights.

U.S. President Obama canceled a planned meeting with Duterte at this week’s ASEAN summit in Laos after the Philippine leader’s alleged insult in his native Tagalog, but the two met briefly later as they waited to take their seats at a banquet.

While on a visit to the Indonesian capital on Friday, Duterte told a group of Filipinos that the slur was not directed at the U.S. president and that he had told him so.

“I was ready (for Obama). I was waiting for Obama to respond. Lawyer to lawyer, we are both lawyers anyway… I said I never made the statement. Check it out.

“…I said that, but not in relation to Obama,” he said. “I’m not fighting with America.”

Obama and Duterte shook hands and had a brief chat on Wednesday, officials said, easing the standoff.

Duterte had his outburst on Monday when he was defending his war on drugs that has killed at least 2,400 Filipinos.

Duterte on Friday said he thought U.N. Secretary-General Ban a fool for bringing up the issue of human rights violations weeks before the summit in Laos.

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    DUBAI–Filipinos working in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai, should not just do their work but must also be aware of their rights

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